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BAMBUS Series T8 Tube

Description :


BAMBUS series LED T10 tube is a new indoor lighting product. Gentle and soft light, no flickering, harmfulless for eyesight. Ideal replacement for traditional fluorescent light.



  • High quality PC material of lampshade, high transmittance.
  • Special heat sink design, excellent performance to ensure LED can work at a lower temperature.
  • No delay start, no flickering, noiseles, especially suitable for office, library and other quiet environments.

Order No
Nominal Power
Luminous Flux
Color Temp
Cutout Size
 ST10070140D01  7W  550lm  4000-4500K  70  PC  31xL604
 ST10070150D01  7W  550lm  5000-5600K  70  PC  31xL604
 ST10070165D01  7W  550lm  6000-6500K  70  PC  31xL604
 ST10090140D01  9W  700lm  4000-4500K  70  PC  31xL604
 ST10090150D01  9W  700lm  5000-5600K  70  PC  31xL604
 ST10090165D01  9W  700lm  6000-6500K  70  PC  31xL604
 ST10140140D01  14W  1000lm  4000-4500K  70  PC  31xL1214
 ST10140150D01  14W  1000lm  5000-5600K  70  PC  31xL1214
 ST10140165D01  14W  1000lm  6000-6500K  70  PC  31xL1214
 ST10180140D01  18W  1350lm  4000-4500K  70  PC  31xL1214
 ST10180150D01  18W  1350lm  5000-5600K  70  PC  31xL1214
 ST10180165D01  18W  1350lm  6000-6500K  70  PC
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